Friday, July 20, 2012

Camping With The Kids

What i really mean is that i'm outside, pending of my dog Lola in case she pops out more puppies since she's been in labor for what may seems like 2 days already.

I'm not really camping but it surely feels like it anyway.

I'm outside in my garden. I have a mosquito-repellent spiral burning next to me, a candle on so i can see a bit, Lola is sleeping like a log next to me and i peed behind the bushes earlier on! :o
I also have the criquets, the fireflies and some weird scary noises going on around me. If it wasnt for the public light, my wireless internet and the fan that Dear Beloved set up earlier on today to "kick" the armies of flies away, it could very much be like camping. We even had pizza for dinner!!!

Why am i on the watch with Lola you might ask? Well as i mentioned above, she's in labor. We were expecting her to give birth these days and yesterday afternoon when i came back from work and i saw her, it was obvious it was coming soon.
And this morning (well, it's not this morning anymore, it's yesterday morning but since i havent slept yet, we'll keep it as such) - so this morning, at aroun 6:30am, when i saw her bed was half covered in that green fluid the vet told me about, i knew the time has come.

Dear Beloved was off and i took the afternoon to be together with him and her. Since things were going way too slow, we had to take her to the vet so she could get an injection to induce labor. Still took her 5 hours to push the first puppy out.

First puppy was a beautiful fat female, all white. Unfortunately, she was born still :(
Actually, Lola delivered her first pup ever like a total pro. She started pushing, pushed her out in less than 5 seconds and start licking it and cleaning it like a good dog mom would do. Except that this little girl was born outside the bag they normally come in with and with her ombilical cord already sectionned. I told Dear Beloved this wasnt a good sign. And sure enough, it wasnt. He did try his best but couldnt revive the little one.

And so far, it's been the only pup getting out of my dog. We called the vet about 2 hours ago, a good 5 hours after the first pup was born and he told us that it can take all night. Reason why i'm outside with her in case she starts pushing again.
Even though i must admit, the probabilities seem low considering the fact that she's currently sleeping belly up with her 4 legs wide open and snoring! jaja.

This is a very traditional position in this house. Every single one of my 5 pets sleep like this. Both dogs and cats! LOL

So yeah, i'm camping outside, while Dear Beloved is sleeping in our bed. I guess we'll take turns but so far i can keep myself awake for some extra time!

Now if you'll excuse me, i need to grab my torch and go find a spot to pee again! 

This is big fat Lola trying to get some rest ... just before i set up my camp!
And this is Bullet, knowing something is definitely going on and willing to participate (very good quiet attitude around Lola - what a good dog he has been!)

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