Saturday, July 21, 2012

Epic Pregnancy

Lola has been pregnant for 2 months + now and she was due any minute. When i came back home on Wednesday evening, i knew the end was close - she normally always come when called, especially when it's either me or Dear Beloved coming back from work. Not this time.
She was in the corner of her room, not moving much, barely lift her head up when i got in and looking like she had the world's entire load of misery upon her.
I immediately called the vet to ask for tips and to let him know that my dog was about to pop out puppies. 

What i didn't know, cuz let's be honest, it'd be my first puppy birth (and Dear Beloved's first as well), is that dogs start by secreting a slimy green liquid before the actual labor starts (glad the vet told me that cuz i would definitely had freaked out if i had seen that slime on her when i went to check her up on Thursday morning).

At noon that day, she still hadn't started to deliver her puppies so we took her to the vet who gave her a shot to induce labor. And then the waiting began. And we did just that: waiting, waiting and waiting some more. 

But when her water broke at around 5pm, i was on first raw to see her delivering a gigantic beautiful all white puppy girl. The only not so right point about it all is that the puppy came out outside the bag it normally should and with its umbilical cord already sectioned. And righteously so, Dear Beloved couldn't revived her :( 

But when 6 hrs later, no other puppy had gotten out, we knew something was not too good. That's when the camping started, and the watching over Lola, me up until 2am and Dear Beloved until 6am.

That's when we rushed to the vet for an emergency c-section.

Long story short, after a psychological pregnancy 6 months ago, an emergency c-section, a 2nd dead puppy and 1.5hrs into surgery, we decided to spay Lola. In no way i want her to go through this hell again (neither do i to be honest).

It took her an entire week to feel better about it all and start eating again. She's now back to her happy self, walking with us and Bullet in the morning. We're a happy family again :)

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