Sunday, July 15, 2012

I Live in the Countryside

Technically, i don't, but it sure feels like it. And i only realized it this morning - more than 2 years after moving in here.

This morning at around 8am, i went to the store to get some bread. I agree, it was Sunday and Sundays are generally even quieter days but still. There were not a single sound outside but the singing of my neighbors roosters and some birds in the trees. No car, nobody ... It was pretty awesome. 

Right this second, it's pouring rain (i don't remember having such heavy raining in July since a very long time ago) and the only thing i can hear, is the rain falling on the leaves of the trees and plants in my garden and a storm coming that way.

Life is good in the countryside.

There is scarcely any writer who has not celebrated the happiness of rural privacy, and delighted himself and his reader with the melody of birds, the whisper of groves, and the murmur of rivulets.  ~Samuel Johnson

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