Wednesday, October 02, 2013

I Work With Buggers

By buggers i mean i'm working with kids. Yes, me. With kids. Between 8 and 10 yrs old and sometimes, with younger shrimps as well. What do i do? I supervise them on their lunch break – which is divided into 2 parts: playing time and lunch time. At the canteen.

I've applied for the job not too convinced i'd get it but the City is looking for staff like this so badly (they told us they needed about 300 people) that they didn't have much choice than to take all the candidates who actually showed up. And that included myself.

I don't mind kids. Well, let's put it this way: i don't mind kids when i don't have to take care of them. So me being responsible for a dozen of crazy hyper active 9 years old can seem totally surreal. And trust me, it is.

I've only done 2 days so far. It's 1h30 only and 4 days a week. So i'm not gonna break my back over it.

Kids that age are fun. They want to show you what they can do. I already had a hula hoop show (i was actually quite impressed)!! But what kinda shocked me a little is the attitude of the other women doing what i do. Yes, cuz we're 6. Since we cannot legally be responsible for more than 12 kids each, there are 6 of us. And i'm thinking i'm either being overcool when it comes to authority or they may be some sadistic power-tripper bitches.

I understand kids can be draining. And tiring. And that they run and scream and shout and laugh loud and cry and shit but i mean they're not monsters and i don't think you get much by screaming at them the way they do. Or make them stay perfectly still in silence before they could get out to play after lunch and before class.

That's my point of view anyway. I refuse to be a sadistic bitch. I'll be their favorite. And even if they put hair in the waterjug again, i'll just tell them it's disgusting, go clean it and change the water and i'll move on with it all. In the meanwhile, i get some serious hula hoop training to do if i don't want to be laughed at again tomorrow!

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