Sunday, October 13, 2013

There's A Monster In The House

My cats are scared of the vacuum  And when I say “scared”, I mean TERRIFIED. The second I pull it out of the storage closet, all 3 of them vanish in less time than I need to actually write it. It's like the vacuum was this gigantic 3 headed cat-eater monster spiting fire from every single one of its pore, with teeth the size of a samurai saber and blood-injected eyes.

The funny thing is that I don't even have to turn it on. So I think it's actually more the actual object than the noise it makes. Obviously, the noise does NOTHING to help them accept it any better. It's loud. It's high-pitched. It sucks stuff up it's trunk. And to top it all, it has wheels.

As I probably mentioned before, I live in a 20m2 flat so needless to say, vacuuming doesn't take a lot of time. But it seems to be way too long for them!

So today, as it was vacuum cleaning day, I (as expected) witnessed my three cats running into hiding (normally, all 3 of them under the couch) the nanosecond they saw me grab the evil-reincarnated object. Which, in a way, is cool. I don't have to push them or move them to vacuum under where they're sitting or laying. But what I always find hilarious, is when I'm done with the hoovering. They always wait a few minutes, just in case I turn it on again (you know we all do it, because you see a spiderweb on the ceiling, or the pair of shoes you dropped on the floor left a stain of dirt on the floor, or whatever crap you didn't see the first time and you see so much better now that you've almost put it all away!!). Once they realize that you're finally done with that thing from hell, it's like they have this silent cat reunion to decide which one of them is going to be sent as a scout to check if all danger is now gone. In our family, generally it's the oldest who gets stuck with it, the biggest, oldest, fattest cat of them 3: Psycha. And I must say, she's quite THE scout.

She pulls out of behind the couch, slowly, checking from afar and then very very slowly, starts to go around things and sniffs everything she normally hangs by, just like if she wanted to make sure the things she knows and the smells she's used to are still there, intact (probably not but hey, I do have to clean from time to time!). It's only when she's done patrolling that the other 2 dare to show the tip of their nose. And they do just like her: sniffing everything around, investigating like we've just made it to a new place.

Needless to say I can't wait for the day we'll have a garden and the day they'll see (and experience) snow the first time. I promise i'll videotape them!

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