Tuesday, October 01, 2013

My Man Makes Me Tea

I started drinking tea when i was 20 and god knows i drink a lot of it. One liter in the morning and then some in the afternoon, depending. When i used to be in Mexico, it had become a ritual with a colleague of mine and myself to drink cups and cups of tea all day long. He couldn't handle drinking coffee any longer and i was only too happy to oblige and accompany him on his tea drinking.

When i was a student, i always enjoyed drinking tea in the afternoon, or before going to bed. Even when i was younger, it was part of a ritual at my aunt's, to have a cup of chamomile tea before bed.

So tea goes a long way back in my life.

And a few days ago, my man offered me tea after dinner. I was so pleasantly surprised that i said yes, of course. There is something sacred about drinking tea. Even if it's in a Homer Simpson mug :/

He's been making me tea after every meal ever since. It's been 3 days already. I feel special. I know it sounds stupid but i really do. Not only is he cooking for me every single day of the week (lunch and dinner) but he's making me breakfast as well and now, he's also making me tea.

One thing is certain ... he's a keeper.

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