Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brand New Start

I'm not new to blogging ... nor to writing either ... let's just say it's an old lover that has been left behind for a while and then back again in the spotlight of my life! All of this thanks to 2 pretty important people in my life (2 guys, who would have thought??) - one of them for allowing me to dig into other really cool people's blogs, making me realize that i've always wanted to do this - the other one for making me accept the fact that you can only deny what and who you really are for a while until it hits you back in the face, generally pretty hard.

I have decided to share the slices of happiness i find in my life. Little somethings that make me unreasonably happy, excited, pleased with myself, proud and/or all of the above ;)

No cut, no censorship, no shame, no taboo ... just RAW ... (like us french like it in the plate!)

Hope you'll enjoy it at least as much as i will ...


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