Monday, May 25, 2009


I dont eat chiles. Don´t like spicy food either. So buying chile plants is purely decorative for me. And buying chiles at the supermarket always makes me feel weird ... I have bought maybe 10 chile plants since i've been living here in Mexico. Don´t know why, not been doing a good job obviously, they all died on me. They must feel that i won´t eat them. Maybe i make them feel bad, make them feel completely useless. Yes, my lady plant, be beautiful and shut up. No, no, i won't eat you either, no need to wave like that. You can just germinate, grow, blossom, look gorgeous, dry up, died and rest in peace. Well, apparently, they don´t like that. So they shamelessly die on me those little bad ass motherfuckers.

Unfortunately for them, i'm not the give-up kinda girl, and when i really want something, generally, i get it. No matter what (and no matter what it is either :p). So instead of heartlessly trashed the plant away, i cautiously and patiently open every single chile fruit to collect the seeds (yes i did used my dishes gloves and didnt touch my eyes, i'm no tourist anymore thank you). But men, do they have seeds! I collected maybe 150 seeds from one plant and another 50 from a jalapeño i bought in the superstore (dont know why people looked at me this way, it's not weird for me to buy ONE jalapeño, for crying out loud, i live alone (and wont eat it anyway haha)). Anyway ...

Proud of my 200 seeds, i planted them following the very good advises i've been receiving from Bart the super-gardener (to the rescue from the other side of the world). I didn´t have much doubts about SOME germinating but jeez ... LOOK AT THAT :

I have like 80 (if not more) mini chile plants growing in such a tiny pot. What am i gonna do?? I'm supposed to plant them in separate pots ... jaja ... like i have 80 pots waiting in line to receive their chile plant ... Oh, and in the pot at the top of the picture, there come my jalapeños too! So far i have 4 out i think! Woohoo ... It's so freaking exciting!

With that much time on my hands lately, i've been a planting freak ... Chiles are just the beginning of a planting madness ... I am also expecting an avocado, 2 mango trees, tomatoes, bell pepper, pineapple and chayote. I still have a few more mangos in my fridge and will plants them as soon as i ate them!
Mexico has the perfect weather to grow pretty much anything. And just for the sake of it, i'll plant everything i can put my hands on. And Jose Jalapeño, God of all Chiles shall see ... i CAN take care of chile plants ... I'll make you proud Jose!

Will keep you updated on the chile front!

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