Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me & Mr Potato Head

Today, for the first time in YEARS, i took the bus to go downtown ... My car being at the mecanic i gather my shit and left ONE HOUR before my appointment (downtown being 20 kilometres away from my place). I just loved it ... seriously considering getting rid of my car after such a pleasant experience today. Mexico at its best. First of all the ride only cost me $8 pesos (that's less than 70 US cents!) which is to say, that's nothing. Surely not what it would cost me in gaz anyway!

As i sat on my seat, few row behind the driver, enjoying a landscape i pass in front of every single day, messengering friends without having to wait til i'm at the trafic light, i noticed a sticker above the driver's seat ...
OK picture is not the best, i couldnt zoom, lateral lines in PV are crap so it was a bit unsteady too. But you've got to love the "barbie a bordo" sticker, right next to a big poster of Jesus on his cross. And dont get me started on the Betty Boop and Tweety! haha.
Maybe i should start a category with all that kind of things i bump into here ... I'd call it "only in Mexico" haha.
As you can see, i've taken Mr patata with me today. He loved the ride too. Can't you tell by the look on his face??The real one is on his way from Taiwan (or maybe China, i'll have to check). There will be a lot more trips for him to come! Will keep you posted on that!

And beware of french fries invasion ;-)

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