Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Pitbull & Orchid

Last week, i went to the botanical gardens of Vallarta ... 7 years later, well about time! I've always loved plants, have a good hand with them and recently discovered the wonders of beautiful exotic flowers and the delicate care they need. So needless to say how impressed i was with the orchidarium of the botanical gardens. If it was only for me, i'd sneak in at night with a truck and empty the orchidarium of all the plants there's inside but also of all those amazing hand made wooden breaded furniture ... (does that make sense??)

Since i'm a decent person (most of the time at least) and since i most definitely won't do that (ever), i took about a million pictures (34 total) and will do my best to make my patio and my garden look, if not better, at least as good as theirs!

My main problem actually has a name. It's a she (everything that brings problems is ALWAYS a she). Her name is Nikita. Niki for friends and relatives. She's my 6 months old 16 kilos bad ass looking tiger stripped pitbull. Apart from the fact that, being a dog, she likes on chewing shoes, i also noticed (and you can hear the voice of experience since it's my 3rd pit) that she loves chewing on sweet big leaves plants (such as ginger, pineapple, savila, agave etc. etc.). So putting orchids in "her" patio, in "her" territory, it's like sending a serial killer to the death row : they will die (one probably more painfully than the other but the result will be exactly the same in the end).

So what to do with this amazing orchid i've been given from the botanical? I decided to keep it in my bathroom. It's not too warm, it's humid enough, good light, what more can such a delicate flower ask for? Well rock on, it just blossomed 2 days ago ... I took a picture but it would honestly be an insult to its beauty to post it ... I'll try to scan the 35mm REAL picture i took of it if it comes out nicely.

Instead, i'll let you admire animals's ingenuity to deal with unbearable disgusting mexican heat (30°C this morning at 7:28am). And i proudly announce that YES, Niki can be in the presence of an orchid without being tempted of "romperle la madre" (as long as i keep her under close supervision, of course!)


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  1. so far i am enticed to keep seeing your blog . keep up the good work.with the array of plants Nikita chews on. You almost make her sound like a vegeterian.