Friday, July 24, 2009

From Me To You

We met quite a while back now, between two banging doors, in a split second during which we barely exchanged 3 words. You said later that you noticed me right away, I didn’t. Was it pure luck when I accepted your request on Messenger that afternoon? I had no clue who you were but was in good spirits that day and thought, oh well, yes, sure, why not? After we chatted 5 hours straight that very first night, I had a feeling I had bumped into something very special. Someone very special. I started getting a total addict to my computer, checking every single second I had a chance to see if you were online, to experience the pleasure of chatting with you over and over and over again. It was better every time. I got to the point I NEEDED to speak to you. That’s when you said you were leaving. For who knows how long.

6 months have past. 6 months during which, we’ve spoken to each other every single day. 6 months during which I have grown more and more convinced that you are that special person in my life. That special person that everybody needs and wants in its life. How lucky was I?

When I finally got the opportunity to see you again in person, I was a nervous wreck. Didn’t sleep nor eat for days, dreading the moment we will be face to face again. I knew things would go on fine but what was awaiting me on the other side of the world went beyond all my wildest dreams. It was like Christmas morning, only better.

After I had waited so long, you were finally standing before me. Everything I ever wanted in a man, you have it. Everything. You make me feel like the owner of the universe, like nothing can go wrong anymore. With you, I can be myself, without cheating, without lying. It seems that there is nothing you can say or do that can make me feel bad. Being around you has been my biggest privilege. It made me realized that never in my life, someone ever completed me this well. You are simply the missing piece of the puzzle of my life. Can’t you see how well you fit in? Can’t you see this spot was made for you?

You’re the most amazing person I have ever met and the way I’m feeling about you is stronger than anything I have ever felt before. Being around you and spending time with you just gave sense to my life. Knowing that my heart doesn’t only belong to me now is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever experienced. It’s not that I can’t live without you but life doesn’t seem to mean anything without you around. I was a happy person before I met you and now I’m ecstatic. I walk around smiling like a complete idiot all the time just because I can’t stop smiling anymore. I can’t stop because I think about you every second that pass and the simple thought of you makes me happy.

I know there will be some trying times to come. But I’m not scared of it anymore. Because I had a strong feeling we were meant for each other, now I’m simply sure of it. The heart doesn’t lie and mine has been shouting on top of its voice for quite a while now … you’re the one!

I love you.

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  1. Hi Mathi,

    You are a great writer and I am very happy you found love the way you did. You deserve it!!