Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not Too Sure About It All

Being stuck overnight in an airport is not always pleasant ... Of course, when the airline company who cancelled your flight last minute arranges for an accomodation in the Westin hotel of Dallas Fort Worth, well, that kinda make it up for it ... So i don't complain. I don't seem to be able to complain anymore anyway, i'm just so happy (but maybe that's another story).

There is something about airports. There is so much time to kill, so much nothingness to do. Why do they ask us to arrive 3 hours prior to time departure goes beyond my understanding. But i must say, viva the 21st century and wireless internet everywhere you go. That's MY way of killing time. That and people watching. Oh i love people watching. Train stations and airports are the best for that. You see everything and anything, people from all over the world, wearing all kind of outfits, all color, all age. It's just a snapshot of the world. You also see happy people, crying people, sad people, people who obviously want to leave, people who obviously don't ... And a lot more too!

Well this very morning, i was patiently waiting for my flight back home in DFW. All of the sudden, people around me started clapping. Ok, let's put it in a better way, they started a STANDING OVATION, clapping and cheering and wistling ... I am not really a nosy gossipy person but when the entire airport is standing up and cheering, i had to investigate what was going on ...
At first i thought it might be a wedding ... People do crazy things these days. Where did you guys get married? Oh, in Dallas Fort Worth Airport. Waouh! Weeeeird! JAJA. But no ... It actually took me a while to see what was going on and understand who the standing ovation was directed to. I finally find out ...

And there you go:

Soldiers ...

Soldiers coming back from Irak or from somewhere else at war ... an entire plane of them. As my title said ... i am really not too sure about all this ... What to think, what to make of it. One thing is certain though ... American people really are a "race" apart.

Wonder how many of them didnt make it back :(

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