Wednesday, July 29, 2009


After having written such an impacting post ... ok that doesn't sound like a good start. How could i say this? Well the "letter" i wrote in my previous post provoked a lot of commotion amongst the people who read my blog. "Oh my god it was so beautiful, i wanted to cry / you made me cry / i almost cried (chose option)". So, to all of you readers, thank you very very much for the good comments on this one, hopefully i'll keep you, if not as moved, at least as entertained with the posts to come in the future. And no, i am not funnier than anybody else, those things really happen to me. I swear (and i must admit, sometimes, it is pathetic). Laughing about it is the best! Making people laugh about it is even better ;)

Now to you Babe, my Love, my Heart, this previous post was made for you and you only. I so wanted to shout out loud what i feel about you that writing it here was the closest to screaming it on top of my lungs to everybody or publishing it all over the internet (still haven't ruled this one out though so keep your eyes open!)

Soooo, kinda hard to keep this intensity up now. What did i get myself into? Anyway ... Now that everything has been cleared up and that the record has been set straight, i can slide back to a lighter note ...

Wondering though ... how come funny, incredible, weird things only happen to me when i'm away from work ?? I'm sure something will come out ... eventually ... So stay tuned for some more amazing story telling of myself in action! (i really should consider putting on a cape and a mask, some people may recognize me in the streets now and know i'm the one always going through dumb-ass-please-kill-me-now situations ... oh well, if that keeps them entertained ...)
Le ridicule ne tue pas ... il distrait ...

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