Thursday, July 30, 2009

Undestroyable Toy

When you have a dog that you need to leave at home all day while you're at work, you need to keep it entertained. Mine being a hyperactive chewing one, i went to the supermarket for pets (yes, they do exist in Europe) and bought her an undestroyable ball ... well ... what i THOUGHT was an undestroyable one.

Well apparently, they don't have the kind of dog i have back there. Or maybe they have softer teeth. Or not as much strength.

This is what the ball looked like after one hour of Niki's chewing on it ...

Now it is not that i really care about the ball itself ... but come on, i'm buying it to entertain my dog so she doesnt destroy my plants and/or chew on them and this is what i end up with:

A massive mess to clean ... I hate this toy, i hate this ball. It is a bloody mess. And that's without talking about the bruises i got for being on the receiving side of Niki's pitching.

Let's just hope she doesnt lay teeths on MY toys :p

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