Thursday, October 22, 2009

Aaaaaaaaaargh !!

My mom always told me ... don't quit when upset, don't argue when upset, don't write when upset, don't do anything you can regret afterward when you're upset. Well tonight I'm upset. And I'm upset BIG TIME. Upset is not even remotely close to how i feel. I'd rather say I'm pissed off. But like majorly pissed off.

Why? Because of a bitch today at work who gave me such a mouthful for something that was so not my fault, so not my responsibility and so not in my control. No need to enter into details here cuz i don't fancy talking about work in my posts. But it's more like the frustration of not being able to slap her mouth shut with some scathing comment (that obviously popped out in my head two hours later, like the absolute perfect comment which would have politely shut the fucking bitch up) or to simply beat the crap out of her.

Add to that the pouring rain, the ride back home that take twice the normal time, me soaking wet since morning (i was so wet even my bones were swimming), an entire ship chartered by gay men, some of them so damn beautiful it hurts the eyes, my dog insanely dragging me during her afternoon walk, no hot water when I'm so very much longing for a boiling hot shower after being cold and wet all day and an insanely high humidity level ... (i mean come on ... 88%. At 9:30pm. EIGHTY EIGHT PERCENT humidity ...)

And you'll have the perfect ingredients for a perfectly shitty day.

There is a saying that goes like that: "don't go to bed angry ... stay up and fight".

Can the bitch be the one i fight tonight?

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