Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Corporate Uselessness

Last month, on September 18th, it was my birthday. And my mom, as many other carrying moms in the world, decided to send me a parcel, a little something i could open on my special day away from them all. Being on the other side of the world, she took the time to send it 2 weeks prior to D day, i.e. on September 4th.
Just to make sure ....

One month later ... nothing had arrived ... 5 weeks later ... still nothing ...
So she went to HER post office to get a tracking number, to get some information of where the hell the package was. And that's what she was given ...

Site - Code - Event - Date (dd/mm/yy)
402450 - DEPSIO - Package dropped at post office - 4/09/09 9h56
336130 - PCHPDS - Transportation - 4/09/09 21h06
336130 - PCHPDS - Loading - 4/09/09 21h15
91260 - MLVEXP - Package Delivered to "abroad" dpt. - 6/09/09 20h
9984 - AAREXP - Package's arrival to Mexico - 8/09/09 20h22
9984 - DOUDOU - Going through customs - 8/09/09 20h25
9984 - AECEXP - Package went thought customs - in transit to final destination - 9/09/09 10h18

What does all this mumbo jumbo mean? It means that it took this very much awaited package 4 days to arrive to its country of destination, aka Mexico (from France). FOUR DAYS. Then one more day to pass successfully through customs and another 2 extra days to arrive to the sorting office close to me.

I found that out, by pure LUCK, when a friend/colleague of mine called the sorting office today
wondering where the heck a package SHE was waiting for was, considering that hers had left the States some 3 weeks prior.
The guy who answered her told her: "oh, but we have it here, it's been here for a while actually. There are another 2 packages waiting here for other 2 people from your company as well!"

One of them being mine.

When i went to the postal office, i wasn't planning on raising the roof but i couldn't help asking WHY didn't they let us know (well, at least, why didn't they let ME know) that the package was there. I mean our office is 10 minutes away from them and I'm pretty sure they go there to deliver regular mail every single day. And the guy told me, pointing at some scribblings on the box: "we left 3 calling cards on those respective dates. Your box arrived here on September 11th."

THREE CALLING CARDS. T-H-R-E-E. That means that, in the company I've been working for for the past 6.5 YEARS, someone (and i have a very clear idea of WHO) received (and signed) 3 calling cards acknowledging that a box from FRANCE intended to Mathilde (and i am the ONLY Mathilde in the entire company and the ONLY French as well) had arrived at the sorting office, that i was welcome to pick it up in exchange of showing up my ID at the office (open from 8am to 4pm - Monday through Saturday) and never mentioned anything to me. Ever. Never BOTHERED to tell me that a package from my mother was waiting for me at the post office. That my birthday present had arrived well on time.

Needless to say that i was FUMING. And once more, i got to hallucinate over people's carelessness, over people not giving a fucking shit about others. It amazes me. And it's not a compliment. I know everybody is busy at work with their own shit but passing on a calling card to a colleague takes, at the most, 32 seconds of your bloody time. Out of a day of 8 hours worth of work, it's not gonna put you behind. And if you don't want the responsibility of receiving the mail that most of foreign employees receive at work, well then DON'T SIGN THE BLOODY CALLING CARD.

Individualism makes me want to puke. It makes me positively SICK.

Once again, the saying (and my mother) are right (they always are!): "on n'est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même"

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