Friday, October 16, 2009

On Murphy's Law

"Anything that can go wrong will"

THIS, is Murphy's law ... or sod's law.

It's the flat tire or the mad traffic jam when you're already late, it's the supermarket line that goes faster and closes the second you get yourself in line, it's 2 buses arriving at the same time after you've waited half hour and finally decided to lit up a cigarette, it's the free entrance or free open bar the second you paid, it's your plane leaving late and your connection leaving on time, it's your covered in mud dog hoping on your brand new white trousers, it's the toast falling on the buttered face, it's the gaz running out when you've invited people over for dinner, it's your plants dying of too much water after you rescued them from too much sun, it's having 2 dates on the same day when you've been date-less for 6 months (and being stood up by both), it's the mountain climber dying 50 meters away from the Everest's top, it's meeting the man of your dreams and then meeting his beautiful wife, it's your best friend's birthday cake the second you want to start a diet, it's being on a lonely deserted road for hours and finally get to see another car exactly where the road is a one lane only, it's arriving late at work the only day of the year the boss wants to see you, it's getting a cold sore when you finally get that date you've been working on for that long, it's buying a new pair of expensive sunglasses and drop them on the concrete floor without having worn them even once, it's fancying like mad a man who doesn't give a shit about me when the ones i don't fancy not even remotely, i can't get rid of.

And obviously, this is the situation I'm in now. Damn it why is it always like that? Always THE guy you want that is not available, not interested, not this, not that. Why is it the man that doesn't give you any attention that you want attention from the most ... I've been told it's Murphy's law. Everything that can go wrong will. Everything goes wrong all at once. That you never run out of things that can go wrong ...

Well you know what? I think Murphy's law could also be called FATALISM. When you only foresee the worse, the worse is what you get ... It all falls down under another very powerful law called the law of attraction. I am not a fatalist and i will get what the bloody fuck i want.

So mister i-don't-have-time-for-you-I'm-a-busy-man-forget-all-about-me, get ready. I want you and will get you ... That is just the way it is.
Chances are, I'll get over it a split second after it all ... human beings tend to be like that: intensely desiring something and intensely despising it the second we get it. Life's a bitch, what can i say?

Keep smiling ... and people will wonder what you're up to!

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