Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Please Don't Stop The Music

I have been away from the partying-dancing-going out-social-desmadre scene for so long i don't even remember the road to get there. OK, i do. Damn it I've been out so many times last year i had my name on club's glasses. Every single security guy knew my name as well as pretty much every single waiter as well. But everything stopped back in November (if i remember well) when, realizing i could shovel down 8 glasses of vodka a night and still be standing kinda scared the crap out of me. And let's be honest, we all know that I'm not 20 anymore and 2 hours worth of sleep are so not enough anymore.

I miss it so bad I'm not too sure i found my then "good" reasons to sober up and be a decent person so good anymore.
Cause sadly, yes, the giving up drinking surely didn't help my social life. Nor my sexual one to be honest. But maybe that's too much information...

Anyway ...

I was saying ... It's been so long my feet are itchy ... i gotta go again. It got to the point that last time i was walking my dog i passed in front of this house broadcasting hip-hop music full volume i almost stopped to dance a bit. I guess the outfit stopped me ... sweat pants and tennis shoes are not the best to do a killer ass-shaking :s
And it's the same in the car. I so picture myself back on the dance floor, dancing the night away, draining the stress away, singing my lungs out, flirting with everybody and having the time of my life.

A friend asked me, hopeful i guess, if that meant i was back on the market? Me? Back on the market? Oh no buddy, I've never been on it ... it's not "back on the market" that i am ... it's a little more complicated than that. It's also a lot more dangerous than that ...

I'm not back on the market, I'm on the loose again!

It's party time!

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  1. hahaha well we have a date on the next saturday remember? party all night long sweet heart!! hang on bitches maty is back!! lov u sis!