Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Cravings ... mmm ... what? Cravings? You mean cravings like in cravings? O_o

Oh sweet lord.

Well yes, i've been having cravings lately. But i mean, BIG TIME. Cravings for chocolate, for coca cola, for vodka, for salty stuff, for sodas, for eggs with mayonnaise, for goat cheese, for shrimps, for pasta, for french fries, for all the fried stuff i normally hate, for crepes, for coffee and for a lot more stuff that i can't think about right now. Here in Mexico, if you have the bad idea of saying that you crave for something, that you have nauseas, headache, or that you feel the urge to puke, there is only ONE reason for it all: you're PREGNANT.

Fuck no, not me, thanks. I'm taking care of that part. And very well with that. It's not happening unless i decide so. And no, not all the nauseas, not all the headaches, not all the dizziness, not all the vomit are pregnancy related thank god. Jeez. Get a grip! Go out a little, see the world!

But obviously, you think about it. I never have cravings. And i have a boyfriend now. Which means sex. Which means a lot of sex. Very regularly. And obviously, condoms are not 100% bullet sperm proof, we all know that. God damn it, but i so very much WANT this bag of M&Ms, and some skittles, ooooh and a soda. Aaaargh.

My "salvation" came from my student Lili, to whom i'm giving french clases. While she was doing her first exercise, i sneaked at the oxxo to get a bottle of coke water and a healthy snack a bag of yellow M&M (they dont have skittles here ... what kinda service is that?). When i got back, she looked at me and said: cravings? And i said: aja :s
That's when she said the following magical words: oh but i read in a magazine the other day that cravings are just a way for your body to let you know that it needs something it doesnt have. Apparently, you have low sugar in your sytem and that's probably why you want to eat sweet stuff.


No i'm not gonna investigate this through. I am taking Lili's words for granted. I'm a sugar addict and my stupid asthma treatment doesnt let me indulge in some big ass glass of coke with a nutella sandwich to go along. So yeah, i have cravings. It's not me. It's my BODY asking for what it needs. Is it clear?

PS: damn it, now that i have seen this amazing looking chocolate mousse, i'm craving one! Or brownies. Yeah, brownies with vanilla ice cream on top. Or even better, the chocolate thunder from down under from the outback. Yeah! This one i can never order cuz i'm too full to order desert. I want it, I want it, I want it. Aaargh. Ya me viiiiiiii!

PS2: Treatment ends on March 26th at night. So March 27th will be a celebration: breakfast at Starbucks with the biggest size cup of coffee they have, then lunch at McDonalds with the biggest serving of French fries and the tallest glass of coke (no ice) available and then party all night, drinking all the vodka that comes my way. I might even indulge in a cigarette or two. I love it already !

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