Friday, January 15, 2010

Is It Gonna Rain All Day ?

When i woke up this morning and heard the rain outside, that is the first thing that came to my mind: "it is gonna rain like this all day?"
Not that i care if it does rain like that all day. I like the rain, it cools things off, sticks the dust on the floor and makes the time spent under the blanket a nearly orgasmic experience. It's comfort at its best. Why did i think about it then? Cuz today, there is a cruise ship in port, which means that today is a day i'm gonna be working on the pier, receiving people who ARE going to ask me if it's gonna be raining like this all day. Question to which i always answer with OJALA a smile saying that i dont know but surely dont think so, it normally doesnt rain in January, that it was like that yesterday and it cleared up, blablabla, a bunch of bullshit. Like come on you guys. HOW THE FUCK DO I KNOW? Even the weather channel doesnt know for sure so how do they want ME to give them an answer on that?? I know you're on holidays, in Mexico, i know you want beach and sunshine and warmth but there is absolutely NOTHING i can do about the weather so STOP ASKING.
Where's the sun? DONT KNOW but maybe if you have his phone number we can give him a quick call to ask him! Is it gonna rain all day? Why? Does that bother you? GOOD. Cuz that's exactly the reason why it's raining today, just because i wanted to piss you off, i ordered rain for the day, just to screw up your holidays and your day here in PV. Is the swim with the dolphin cancelled? Why? Because of the rain? Oh no, we're gonna give the dolphins wetsuit to make sure they dont get cold in the rain, and cover the pool as well cuz they really dont like water getting in their eyes. What about the whale watching? Are we gonna see whales with this weather? Probably not, they'd all have gone further South to enjoy some warmer climate in the tropics.

I have said it before, i will repeat it again:


Cuz you know i'll give you an answer proportionally as stupid as your question.

Or more.


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