Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hurricane? What Hurricane?

It's been going on since Saturday ... We're supposed to have a hurricane coming our way. It's called Jova. Irwin is right behind. It's kind of a big deal on the West Coast of Mexico since we generally dont get any hurricane this side of the country. Or when we do, they're more tropical storms and coming from the South.

Jova is coming from the West. Which if it stays a category 4 type of hurricane, will swoosh inside the bay and erase it from the map. Cuz let's be honest, a hurricane getting inside a pretty narrow bay surrounded by mountains, will get stuck in there and wont go away until the job is done.

A few hours ago, Jova got back down to a type 2 hurricane. And this is the sunset we got tonight:

And right before we all got out of work this afternoon, our boss told us to set up an "out of the office" note saying something like "sorry folks, hurricane Jova is on its way to sweep us all off our feet and we might not be coming to the office tomorrow Wednesday nor Thursday and well, we'll be back eventually, probably on Friday, if the office is still there!"

Even though i'd love NOT to work for the next two days, i can't start to imagine how much work i'd drown into if i have to stay home for 2 days ...

It's 10pm. Jova is supposed to get to us around 1am.

There is not the slightest wind. It's not even raining ...

Hurricane? What hurricane? You only said it to get us excited and nothing. I want my money back.

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  1. hey maty!

    just double checked the weather for PV - really glad you've dodged the jova hurricane... you're not gonna get blown away, but looks like you've still got buckets of rain coming your way. get your bikini and pull on your famous rain boots!

    wow, can't believe it's still so hot there, with the humidity making it feel like mid-30's, even at night! honestly, i don't know how you do it...

    take care of yourself and your mini zoo ok!

    hugo :)