Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stating The Obvious

It is amazing how you get use to have someone around in your every day life. 

Tonight, Dear-Beloved has gone out to a party. I could have gone as well since i know the birthday boy but i work tomorrow and i thought i'd get some me-time instead. Well it's 10:30pm, i'm lying in bed already with an empty stomach. Why? Cuz time flies 10 times faster when you do everything you normally do between the 2 of us just yourself alone. 
I went to walk the dog, came back 45 minutes later to feed them (and since Bullet is being a clown at lunch time, i have to attach them in 2 separate locations so they dont see eachother while they eat, then make sure they actually eat (especially Bullet who's been diagnosed with severe anemia last week), then pick up their plate, feed the cats, take a shower, put a raidolito on, move the fan back to the bedroom and bam its 10:30pm without me noticing.

And the bed seems soooo big right now!!! My mom always told me that you sleep better alone ... Well i'm gonna have to disagree on that one! I 

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