Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Oh Why

This is going to be a very similar post to one i wrote some time back called "always when alone". And obviously, it happened again. And once again, being alone at home.

Lola barks. Not a lot compared to other dogs but i now recognize her barkings and pretty much know what's going on: if it's a bark for attention, a playful bark, a "i'm in pain" bark or a "i'm gonna kill you" kinda bark. That last one is generally towards my cats or towards some other animal she cant reach or kill.

I was at home checking stuff on the computer when Lola started one her i'm gonna kill you kinda bark. And damn was she loud. So since it was coming from the entrance patio, i peeked through the curtain and i almost had a heart attack on the spot.
There was this GIGANTIC iguana stuck between the fence and the slidding door.

It would have been a cat i would have opened the door and let him in. But an iguana? Sorry buddy i'm thinking you're gonna die pretty soon. And it's not gonna be pleasant.

And so the battle began. It lasted 1 minute TOP. There was some scratching against the glass door, some banging against the grid, some growling and it was done. 

Scariest noises ever.

And now she's eating her meter long iguana in the garden. It's her afternoon snack.

What? Taking it away from her? I am scared of iguanas and i have necrophobia remember? So hell no, i'm not getting close to that thing let alone touching it.

It's extra proteine for her :)

But damn, why wasnt dear-beloved home?

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