Saturday, October 01, 2011

What's Worse?

I already say that i dont take the bus as often as i use to now that i have this awesome bike to get home and to work but on Saturdays, during the high season (which considered the work load i've had to endure over the past few weeks, i'm surprise it wasnt declared "high season" earlier), i work half day and yes, i'm offering myself the luxury of taking the bus to work. 
I finish at 2pm and there is no way i'll bike at that time, with blazing sun and all. Just not happening.

Even though i dont take the bus as often as i said earlier, i still have tons of stories about the bus rides i've done in the past and most likely more stories to come as i keep on taking the bus from time to time.

So now, back to my title, and back to that pretty intense question:

What is worse when you're on a public bus?

A guy's crotch rubbing on your shoulder while you're sitting? A fat ass woman's huge belly? A fat ass? Someone's bag on your face? People squooshing themselves against you to make their way to the exit door? A borracho drunk breath at 8 in the morning? A punk listening to his music on his cel phone without a headset? A soaking wet kid coming back from the beach sitting next to you? A pregnant woman with 3 kids, all under the age of 5, with about 20 plastic bags of groceries dropping one of the bags on your foot? A construction worker's armpits at 6pm, obviously out of a sleeveless shirt? Or a complete stranger drip-sweating above you?

All of the above? (especially when you know it's 34°C outside!!)

All that familiarity in such a small environment is somewhat awkward and unpleasant ...

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