Saturday, October 15, 2011

Should Have Taken the Loma

A few days ago, Dear Beloved found out that another bus was passing just a few blocks away from out house. It's the Loma Bonita route. Loma Bonita means Beautiful Hill. So yeah, i live close to, not Beverly Hills but Beautiful Hill. LOL.

I've been sick for the past few days so i take the bus to go to work instead of sweating like a pig on my bike and running the risk to get sicker. Since Jova passed, temperature has significantly dropped and it's actually cool in the morning.

So last night, when i got out of work, i was waiting at the bus stop hoping to get in a Loma one. Bingo, it came before my usual Magisterio one. And Dear Beloved was right, that bus route doesnt fill up, there is always room to sit and since it goes through places i normally dont go through, i could even enjoy the ride. 
I actually had to focus a lot more than i normally do on the other line cuz i had to make sure i didnt miss my stop!

Tonight after work, i was again waiting for the bus. Magisterio came first. And how i wished i had waited for a Loma one instead.
To start with, i was standing from the very begining of my ride. It's not uncommon but it's normally just a couple of people standing. Not 12 like there was then. 
However, what i truly think was the worse EVER was that this homeless man got on the bus and he was siting on one of the first seats.

OH MY GOD, the guy was stinking so bad nobody was sitting behind him and the entire bus was covering its face. It's that kinda of smell that is so strong that it gives you an asthma attack on the spot. It was one of the worse smell ever. 

I understand the man doesnt shower everyday but jeez, how can he even stand himself without passing out? There was this guy sitting 2 seats behind him i really thought he was going to faint.

When he finally got off (half way through my half hour ride back home), the driver seemed to think that he could now stuff the bus like you would with a christmas turkey. 

Squeeze in at the back please!

Are you out of your fucking mind? There is not a single square inch left in that bus, we're all standing on top of each others feet or hanging out the door, we're all getting soaked by other people's 7pm sweat and you want us to squeeze in more than we already are?


I am never taking the Magisterio bus again. 

PS: This is NOT a picture of Loma Bonita from Puerto Vallarta. This one is called Silbury Hill and it's located in England. All the pictures i found online about a supposed Beautiful Hill neighborhood are NOTHING beautiful. And trust me, you dont want to see any of the ones i've seen :s

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