Friday, March 23, 2012

I Feel Like An Old Fart

As some of you might know, this past week was our Corporate Retreat. And as part of it, we did an activity all together, outside of the office. And that activity was none other than the Canopy tour of Vallarta Adventures. 

Since Dear Beloved is one of the guides there and that all my colleagues know him, we asked for him to be part of our guiding team. So it was pretty awesome to spend a few hours having fun with my colleagues and my man!

I've done the canopy trip more times than i can remember and even though i have a blast every time i go, i always feel like a million years old in the aftermath. Let's be honest, the tour is a blast. But how the people working there can do it up to 4 times a day without passing out is a complete mystery to me.

Everybody at work has that erroneous idea that i am super fit just because i bike to work every day. Biking is not like zip lining, biking is not like climbing either.

On the tour, the zip lining itself is super fun. The rappelling as well. But the bridges and the ladder, not so much. Oh my the ladder. I normally take the other way around the ladder cuz i had done it once before and almost passed out. But i was like, OK, i'm fitter than i used to be, let's give it a shot. That was a big mistake. It's a 20 meters ladder that feels like a mile long. After a few minutes, i was like, yeah i must have passed the half of it. I looked up and damn, i wasn't even one third through!

I had taken a shot of Ventolin prior to getting up the ladder and that surely helped me. But even though my lungs were up to it, none of my body muscles were. I mean 3 days later and i'm still in pain. Pain that comes from places i didn't even know had muscles in!

The good thing is, out of the 17 people that are part of Journey Mexico's team, i'm the 6th oldest but definitely not the stiffest!

So where are you young in-shape people??

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