Sunday, March 25, 2012

Speaking Is The Key To Success

A few years back, when i was working as operations manager on the pier, receiving cruise ship guests, i was working with a very good friend of mine named David. David was that kind of happy-go-lucky people who's always pumped up even after a 2 hours night sleep. I've known him pretty much since the first month I've been living and working here in PV. On the pier, he was helping me with the check-ins and reporting to me.
One day, it was almost time for a tour to depart and he told me that he was still 2 people short. To which i asked him: what about the 2 folks lining up behind you??
He turned around, look at the couple standing up behind him and asked them:
- can i help you?
- we're with you, said the gentleman smiling.
That's when David told him this exact sentence:
- sir, speaking is the key to success, if you don't tell me you're with me, how can i know? You're the 2 i'm waiting for, now let's go!

I told him in the aftermaths that he shouldn't talk to people like this because even if he was cordial, it wasn't very nice of him. But i couldn't help thinking, damn, that is so true.

I even saw a sign with the same sentence (kinda) in a local bus here. It was saying: not because you're standing in front of the door means that you want to get off. Please request your stop on time!

All throughout my life, I've heard people telling me how lucky i am. Truth is, i don't believe in luck. I believe in getting on your feet and go out there MAKE your luck. If you don't speak out about what you want for yourself or in your life, it is not going to fall in front of you by divine intervention. People are not psychics. They don't know what you want and more to the point, they don't care enough to find out. So SPEAK UP!.

Last week, i got to the point that i was about to explode at work. I am was in charge of the operations of all the bookings we're dealing with and to get more specific, making sure that all the clients we have on the field are getting what they paid for. Our clients are picky ones. They're the type of people that will complaint because the vehicle they're travelling with is grey and not white. Because the guide doesn't have all his teeth or because they want to do Tequila testing in Yucatan even though it's not the place at all. And part of my job is to make sure they get what they want. The other part of my job was supervising set departure groups. And let's be honest, it's a different job but one i connect to a lot more. More in sync with what i like to do and with who i am.

So last week, on the verge of exploding, i went to talk to my boss and told her: i'm not happy with my job, it makes me feel miserable and this is why i don't think i'm the right person for it. However, i really like the company i work for and i would like to ask for the opportunity of getting the management of the groups part only and maybe find someone else for the other part of my job.

One week later, we had our corporate retreat week, we had personal evaluations, we had meetings and chats, and today, it's been officially announced: i am the new operation manager for groups.


If i hadn't spoken my mind, would that have happened? I don't think so. Or maybe not that fast anyway! I'm so excited, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I'm happier than a pig in shit!

Now move over you losers, i'm gonna be queen of the world!

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  1. hey hey, all hail the new queen!

    gracias for sharing the good news about your new position in the company. always so nice to hear when good people are recognized and rewarded. now you can breathe easy and enjoy what you really love so much more.

    great pics as well from your canopy tour. haha, funny that you ended up doing that tour again after so many years working at VA.

    take care maty. and long live the queen!

    hugo :)