Friday, March 23, 2012

It Was An Accident

It was an accident! We didn't expected it AT ALL! We had no idea"

This is what a dumb ass actress from Hollywood said in an interview when asked about her recently discovered pregnancy. 


Are you fucking KIDDING ME??

You're 30+, have obviously unprotected sex with your husband/boyfriend and act surprised cuz you're PREGNANT?

JA JA JA JA JA. Oh my god, you're such an idiot.

Out in the middle of nowhere, when you're 10 years old, a century ago, ok, maybe, i'd give you the "i have no idea how this works" but in the 21st century. Dude, you're a celebrity. Everything you say will be printed and taken as an example. People will listen to your words like you're the messiah. And you come out with something THIS hugely stupid.

Oh dear god. And i thought "teen mom" was one of the most stupid shows ever produced on TV (that and a whole bunch of others i'll spare here (for now) that show how sick a world we live in (and sad and pathetic). You don't need no reality show to laugh at stupid people. You just have to watch live interviews of celebrities. 
I'm not saying all are stupid, far from this. But some should really be nominated for the dumb-ass Oscar. And knowing that they're reproducing themselves on top of that, without evident clue on how on earth did that even happen to them? Oh dear, where is this world going??

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