Monday, March 12, 2012

Sing Out Loud

THIS is what my boss told me at work the other day!


As you should know if you read my previous post, i love to sing on top of my lungs when i'm alone, especially if it's in my car. And since i don't have a car anymore, i listen to my old USB key with a pair of gigantic headset at work. It helps me focusing on the stuff i'm doing without being interrupted or distracted by my colleagues.

Obviously, i cant sing on top of my lungs sitting at my desk. I mean how about that as a distraction for the rest of them! I DO sing however, but silently. And even though i articulate every single lyrics i know and like with every song i listen to, i do so without a sound coming out of my mouth.

The other day was no exception except that my boss "caught" me in the action of pretending to be America's next singing sensation and he asked me (hence interrupting me while i was listening to a very cool song by Nicki Minaj - which, by the way, i hate (being interrupted i mean)): are you singing what you're listening to? No dumb ass i'm rehearsing the play i'll be presenting tonight at the Theater (i also used to do that in my car, rehearsing scenarios over and over until i was 100% happy and then repeating it again and again because it made me happy - long story, might write about it! stay tuned!).
To his question, i just said yes i am.
And that's when he said : come on, sing out loud then!




a) he himself would most likely shut me up in a pretty nasty way if i'd ever dare to sing out loud on a regular basis
and b) you really don't want me to sing out loud the songs i'm listening to!!!

At that specific moment, i was listening to Nicki Minaj (as i said) "starships" and it was that moment in the sing when she says: we're higher than a motherfucker", immediately followed (i had the USB on shuffle) by "move bitch, get out the way, get out the way bitch get out the way" by Ludacris (which is the most awesome song to sing in the car when you're overtaking some idiot driving 2 an hour: cuz "if you do the speed limit get the fuck out of my way" ...) Chanson pleine de finesse!!!
And then after that, i had the "here's to us" song by Halestorm which is also very refined in the lyrics: " Here's to us, Here's to love! All the times that we messed up, Here's to you, fill the glass
Cause the last few nights have kicked my ass. If they give you hell, tell em to go fuck themselves ...

So NO, i wont sing out loud, boss! I'll keep it for myself!

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