Wednesday, January 09, 2013

I'm Breaking Free

I have a lot going on. And by a lot, i mean A LOT. I actually need to follow my shrink advice and make a to-do list of all the loose ends that need to be tie up.

I havent been doing great lately and i really feel like my brain is about to implode. Actually, my doctor said that it's a normal "feeling" and that's generally the first signs of something more serious called depression: your brain is exhausted.
What do you have? I have brain exhaustion. LOL.
I shouldnt laugh, it really isnt funny. But i have this mental image of a brain looking like a cartoon flat tire... 


So here i was, this morning over breakfast, doing the usual, harvesting and planting shit in my farm when it kinda hit me in the face: I AM ADDICTED TO FARMVILLE. And that bloody addiction is taking a tremendous chunk off of my free time hence diverting me from my need to be done. 

And trust me, when you're about to move back to your home country after 11 years abroad, a lot need to be done. Especially when you realize that almost half of January is already gone and that there are only 3 months left. And i thought it'd take forever. If i'm not more careful, by the time i'll wake up tomorrow we'll be in April already and none of what needs to be done will be.

So today, i took the time to advice my FV friends that i wouldnt be playing anymore. I've been an avid player for about 2 years now and i've met some amazing people thanks to it. They know who they are (wink wink). And when i made it back home, i cleaned up everything on each of my 8 farms, sent gifts to my friends, changed the set up on my newsfeed so i dont get any more FV notifications and BLOCKED the app. O_o

It's been 10 minutes. It feels weird. But a nice kinda weird. It feels like i'm breaking free from something that ceased to be fun and had started to control my life and my free time. I'm becoming the owner of my life again. How cool is that? 

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  1. maty, good job in cutting yourself free of one time-consuming addiction. i don't play farmville, but i know all too well about wasting time - i sit in front of the TV for hours on end, flipping the channel in an endless cycle looking for something/anything that catches my interest. oh yah, that's when i can manage to stay awake and not snooze with the remote in my drooping hand... lol.

    you should definitely make a to do list as every so often, you will think of another item to add to it, and won't want to forget. but if my experience is anywhere close to what yours will be, no matter how organized you are from right now until the time you step on the plane, you will find yourself scrambling doing last-minute stuff in your final days, and even hours. something about human nature always makes us leave stuff till the end and then rush around like crazy fried chickens(!) to get it done, just barely in time. and even if you don't leave stuff to the last minute, complications outside of your control will surely crop up and throw a big crappy loop in your plans. you know, one of my favourite sayings is: "a poorly-planned job takes 3 times as long as it should. a well-planned job only takes twice as long as it should". and sadly, i find that this is almost always true!

    hugo :)