Sunday, January 06, 2013

It's Official

Since i have sent that letter to my boss, the news is now official: 

I know it might comes as a surprise for some of you, especially after such a long time abroad, but sometimes, life gets in the way of the best set plans.

As most of you know already, last September, i lost my one and only brother Antoine in a motorcycling accident. Needless to say it's been an emotional roller-coaster over the past few months. Some days are ok, some days are plain awful. And even though i know time heals pretty much everything, i personnally think that time is not working fast enough.

The idea of going back has come to my mind pretty much since the second my cousin took me back to the airport, as i waived my parents goodbye. My parents, in tears, on the sidewalk in front of my brother's appartment. Hadnt i had a house and a boyfriend in Mexico at the time, i wouldnt have hesitated a single second. Cuz at that particular moment, the only question that was going through my mind was: what the heck am i doing?
I should have stayed. 

Then things went sour with now ex-Dear Beloved, and Christmas came, and NY celebration came and the more i thought about it the more it made perfect sense. 
I mentioned it to my parents at the end of November but i dont think they realized i already made the decision of moving back. And that is was a decision i made a long time ago. I want need to be closer to my parents. I need to be there for them probably as much as i need them to be there for me. We're in this together. And will always be.

I am not leaving tomorrow. I have a lot to take care of here before i event think about moving back, selling my house being quite a big one! But i'm planning on moving back at the end of April, early May at the latest. May 5th being kind of a deadline date for me since it'd be the 11th anniversary of my life in Mexico.

11 YEARS. It's a lifetime almost. It hasnt been always easy, but i've got to do incredible stuff, and meet amazing people that i will keep in my heart for many years to come. Thank god for today's technologies to stay in touch easily.

I'm about to close a big chapter of my life. I'm not turning a page, i'm closing a book and about to start a new one. I'll be a foreigner in my own country. It will be a massive cultural shock all over again. I'll need a job. I'll need a home. I'll need to make friends. I'll need to get use to the money. I'll need to re-adjust to what  living in Europe is. And i'll most likely blog all about it!

Meanwhile, i'll try to enjoy my remaining time here, as well as the people who had become my family away from home.
I'll miss you all, some more than others.

Until we meet again...


  1. matyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! ;(

  2. congrats maty, this is definitely the right move... after such a long time away from family and home, it sounds like you're ready to go back and build relationships and a renewed life back home. i really admire people who put together a plan and then actually follow thru with the steps to make it happen! too many people talk and talk about all kinds of things, but then never do anything about it.

    you will be missed big time in PV, so i hope people there appreciate you for the final few months.

    hugo :)