Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My dog is sooooo french. She doesnt like taking baths. I mean what is wrong with her? It's 31°C outside, she stinks like she's never seen water before so it was high time for a shower. And she should know it!
I dont know if other dog owners experience the same problem i have with my dog but trust me, it's hard work. Don't take me wrong, Niki LOVES water. She loves swimming in the river, she loves the mud, she loves splashing around she just doesnt like soap. And by soap i mean bath. Cuz she likes soap alright she eats half of the one i'm putting on her!
Anyway, today was bath day. I said it the second i came back from holidays, this little bitch needs a bath!

Unfortunately, in order for me to bathe my dog, it's a whole psychological process i have to go through, getting ready emotionally and physically, making her think this is not what she thinks it is that is about to happen, watering the plants first, so she thinks, naa, water is not for me, etc, etc. But then when i take her collar off, she knows. And she starts worming around and try to escape.

And that's when things are getting even trickier. I have to wedge her between my legs, start by washing the front (head, neck, shoulder, upper back, front legs), i take advantage and do it twice and then, even trickier, turn around, wedge her again so i can wash the back (lower back, back legs and tail).

Problem is, she tries to escape all the time, she's covered in  soap so extremely slippery and today, she just escaped my grasp. And there she was, running in the garden half covered in soap, shaking herself to get it off but it doesnt come off. So she found a great way of trying to get the soap off of her: rolling herself in the dirt. AAAAAH.

That's when i thought: there is no way a dog less than half my weight is gonna rule this place. I waited till she was looking the opposite direction, grabbed her by the neck like her mom would have, dragged her back to where my dog-wash shit was, wedged her tighter between my legs and rinced her profusely.

And let her escape afterwards. She ran like a maniac all over the garden, probably to dry herself up. Since it's hot and her towel is in the wash, that was an interesting way of doing so.

And now she's whining at the door to get in. Mmm, i'll have her wait a little more. I wouldnt like her to think she actually gets what she wants when she wants it.


PS: and no, it is not a picture of my well behaved dog. It's already complicated enough to bathe her on my own, taking a picture of the process is virtually impossible.

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