Thursday, September 30, 2010

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I've been writing a blog for almost a year and a half now. And over the months, i've been following more and more people, blogs i found interesting, or entertaining, blogs of people i secretly admire or envy or blogs i simply enjoy reading because of the wicked style or content. Now over the past few WEEKS, i've been "receiving" comments from people i dont know who read one of the posts i wrote. How did they get to my blog eludes me and even though i'm dying of curiosity, i won't ask them. I think it's just awesome to read the words of a complete stranger commenting on my own very personal words.

What i wanted to say tonight is that there is nothing as powerful as words. I have suscribed to this blog called Drop A Love Bomb through which every week, the entire community write cheering comments to someone in high need of cheering, love and comfort. Well tonight i've come to realize how much it does to receive an email or a comment from a person who doesnt know you but still takes the time to write something nice on YOUR blog.

I'm not gonna beg you guys who read these lines to comment on each and every post i publish on this blog. But if you do like what you read, if it cheered up your day or made you smile, then please, take 2 minutes to let me know. You have no idea how much of an ego boost it is for me - and to be truly honest with you, i'm the kinda person who badly needs it.


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