Friday, September 17, 2010

In 24 Hours ...

At that very same time, i'll be a year older. I will have spent most of my evening and night watching people getting drunk or high at a pool party one of my very good friends is having for HIS birthday today, i will have talked to my parents and probably some other people and have listened to their congratulations and cheers, i will have received at least a few emails to wish me the best, several messages on my Facebook's wall for the same reasons, thousands of pictures will be taken, and drunkenly published, i will get hugs and kisses, i will receive a call from a friend from work who really want to go out have a drink tomorrow night, i will most likely not blow any candle or open any present cuz i'm not turning 8 anymore, i will realize that i might not be exactly where i want to be in my life, just like when a new year is starting.

I'm turning 33.

It depresses me.

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