Friday, September 24, 2010

Me and ... Batman

Today was one of those days when it rains so hard you can't even see the other side of the streets and there is so much wind the water accumulated on the streets is making waves big enough to surf. Added to that a collapsed bridge a few weeks ago and traffic gets even crazier than normal. Which was the perfect excuse to go wait for the worse of the situation to go away at my boyfriend's house ... Jaja. Tous les prétextes sont bons!

That said, i headed home around 11:30pm hence arriving home 20 minutes later, thanks to no traffic at all. And that's when it all happened. To ME. Again.

I was quietly sitting at my computer, getting ready to harvest my grapes in my farm watch a movie when i realized that batman has made his way inside my living room without being invited. So no, i'm not Robin, not planning on becoming his assistant either. Yes i WAS wearing a cloak cause the simple THOUGHT of a flying thingy touching me brings me the creeps. And then what the fuck do you do when you have a 30cm wide bat soaring around your living room. I mean COME ON.

Why does that kinda shit always happens to ME?
Why does it always happen when i'm alone? or when it's late at night and i can't call anybody to the rescue?
Why don't i have a DOOR to my bedroom?
What about if the bat gets IN my bed?

And most important question: WHERE the hell did it go?

PS: if bat issue is not solved by the time i'm going to bed, i'm sleeping in the car ...

PS2: i wanted to put a picture of a real bat but i mean seriously, you've seen how ugly and disgusting this animal is? and it's FLYING on top of it all! I dont mind it outside but inside MY house, it's just too much. There is really no need to create monsters for movies, i mean some animals really are dreadful. Or is it just me?

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