Wednesday, June 03, 2009

100 things about me

Read this on one of the blogs i'm following and couldn´t resist doing it too ... So there you go! There is no order, i just threw things on the screen the way they came out ...

1. I’m French but haven’t been living in France since the year 2000.
2. I have a degree in English and in Sales & Marketing
3. I have worked in a bank for 2 years (I know)
4. I have been stopped driving drunk back in 99, lead to the police station, had to wait for my mom to come pick me up, went through a trial and lost 6 of 12 points of my driving license.
5. My drink of choice is vodka, accompanied by juice (cranberry or pineapple would be best) but I don’t say no to a glass of white wine ;)
6. I have stopped drinking 8 months ago when I realized I could shovel down 8 glasses of vodka and still be standing.
7. My first car was a Citroen AX offered by my parents for my 21st birthday.
8. I have been in a serious car accident (in the AX) in which I broke 2 ribs – since then, I don’t like to be driven.
9. I have seen my life passes in front of my closed eyes in a split second.
10. I sing my lungs out every time I’m in my car alone – reason why I don’t like to share rides.
11. I think out loud and “rehearse” scenarios out loud too, generally in my car.
12. Nikita is my 4th pit-bull … 2 of the 4 I have had died in my arms. I buried them both myself.
13. When I really like a song, I listen to it over and over again until I know the lyrics by heart.
14. When I like more than 2 things of an artist, i enter into discovery phase and listen to every single song and albums made by the same artist – I do the same with books, movies and blogs!
15. I have been in love a few times but considered spending the rest of my life with only 2 men – one of them not even dating him (yet).
16. There are very few things that can make me blush.
17. I have no taboo.
18. I am a very poor liar.
19. I don’t like children thus not planning on having any – maternity is not for everybody.
20. It has always been clear to me that if I do become a mom one day it’d be through adoption.
21. I don’t believe in marriage – nor in “happily ever after”.
22. I don’t believe in god either.
23. I have never voted – don’t see the point of it since I’d be voting for people in a country I don’t live in.
24. I once missed my flight back to France and cried like a baby in JFK airport.
25. I have been hit by an ex boyfriend of mine and forgave him – we are now on very good speaking terms.
26. I like guns.
27. I have threatened someone with a huge kitchen knife.
28. I go through an average of 10 pairs of sunglasses a year.
29. I have tried coke and liked it.
30. I am shit scared of iguanas and parrots (OK big birds in general, including roosters).
31. I faint every time I see a needle entering a vein – no matter who the vein belongs to.
32. I love bursting open blisters or scratching scabs – even if they’re not mine.
33. I have seen a friend covered in blood and not been disgusted or scared about it.
34. I have done 8 tattoos, 7 of which are visible (covered #1 with #4)
35. The longest tattooing session I’ve been through was 5 hours.
36. I can see further and read smaller prints than a lot of people.
37. I have been diagnosed with severe acarid allergy at age 12 and been sick so often that I now have a very poor sense of smell. I have also been diagnosed with asthma at age 31!

38. I once have agreed on meeting a guy i met online knowing that he was just getting out of a 6 years jail sentence for aggravated robbery - at this date, we are still very good friends.
39. I have spent 3 days and 2 nights in a hospital for a serious infection in my digestive system and thus cannot eat or smell fried food or spicy food without being very sick nor drink milk anymore (even though I still do from time to time).
40. I have always had a problem with authority.
41. I would have like to be a journalist.
42. I’ve had the chance to be intelligent enough not too work too hard (ever) to pass every exams I presented (so far).
43. I speak 3 languages fluently even though I wanted this to be 5 by the time I reached 30.
44. I am not superstitious at all.
45. I have had doubts about my sexual orientation for as long as I can remember and realized I like both men and women.
46. I am very ticklish in the neck.
47. I can fall asleep anywhere.
48. I don’t have a TV.
49. I love playing Sudoku and minesweeper on the computer.
50. I tend to drown myself in a story, whether it’s in a book or in a movie and could kick people asking me if I’m crying while I’m crying my eyes out.
51. I am a big fan of cartoons and can pretty much recite all the ones I own.
52. I am also a big fan of “Friends” – my favorite episode being the one with all the wedding dresses.
53. I once considered getting breast augmentation, investigated through and realized I don’t want to be that kind of woman.
54. I have a weakness for dark men ... big time :p
55. I’m the biggest pasta fan this side of the world.
56. I love my meat bloody – I’d eat it raw if it was legal and healthy.
57. One of my secret fantasy is to drive the Charger of the Federals, with all lights on and scream on the megaphone: get out of my way.
58. I wish I had a pet duck but they’re messy and dirty.
59. I am writing a diary since I’m 10.
60. I wet my bed every single night until age 5 – told my mom it didn’t really matter since I was sleeping alone hence not wetting anybody else but me (no comment on this one).
61. I was head of my class every year until I got to secondary school – then I just went with the flow.
62. I had my first kiss at age 13.
63. And lost my virginity 2 years later.
64. I’ve always been a crack in maths.
65. I played the clarinet for 12 years.
66. I have seen 3 dead bodies in my life, 2 of them belonging to my grand-mothers.
67. I could kill or hurt very bad someone who attempts on injuring or hurting my dog.
68. I love plants but don’t like to receive bouquets or flowers.
69. I’m a very decent chef.
70. I’d do all the dishes but please, don’t make me sweep the floor – let alone mop it!
71. I never agree with anybody about colors which lead me to think I may be color blind.
72. I’d like to be (if not a journalist as mentioned before) an operation manager on a big construction company.
73. I’m a behind the scenes kinda person, no so much of a front-lady.
74. I took a nap with my dog on the floor once and that was the best nap ever.
75. I get weak at the knee listening to the puertorican accent.
76. I got kicked of class for laughing and started laughing again the second I stepped back in.
77. I haven’t been using a watch since 2001.
78. I can´t stand people baby-talking but I do the same with my dog when I’m alone with her.
79. I once been told that I was someone’s role model :o
80. I always agreed that money doesn’t bring happiness but hell it surely makes life easier.
81. I think chocolate should always been accompanied by Coca Cola.
82. I am terrified of being dismembered.
83. I can’t sleep with my feet or my hands on top of the cover, I still think a monster could crawl from under my bed and eat them.
84. If I got to do martial arts, I would do something with sabers.
85. I once ate dog food.
86. I wonder if I’d had the guts to unplug relatives of mine if I were asked to.
87. I talk in my sleep.
88. I have no problem getting naked in front of strangers.
89. I’m allergic to thinner and benzene.
90. I once slammed the door on someone’s face, felt good the second I did it and then like a complete prat on the other side of the door!
91. I don’t deal with people’s tears and despair very well, it makes me very uncomfortable.
92. I have woken up next to someone I had no idea who he was and ran away before he woke up.
93. At 17, a guy broke my heart into a thousand pieces. Since then, I’ve always been the one breaking up thus getting a reputation of heart-breaker.
94. A lot of the people I have had sex with cheated on their partner with me.
95. I once slept 19 hours straight.
96. I have always been convinced my life will be short and my death violent.
97. I’m a tomboy – I like guy’s things better than girl’s.
98. My hair has never reached my shoulders.
99. I have weird tastes – or so they say.
100. I thought it’d be hard to find 100 points when I realized I could have written another 100!



  1. Hola. Interesantes datos.
    41.- También me gustaría
    88.- Wow!... :p

    43.- Lo único que sé en cinco idiomas, jaja
    Auf wiedersehen
    Au revoir

    Espero los siguientes 100 puntos. Nos vemos Ciao

  2. one more... and i have a really good friend his name is Mau D. LOL love yaa