Monday, June 22, 2009

C'est à boire à boire à boireeeeuh ...

C'est à boire qu'il nous faut oh oh !

It's my day off ... I am tired, it's cool outside, it's the PERFECT day for a sleep in. I guess it WAS the perfect day. Damn dog cried all night because she has to pee under the rain (dont know why, she doesnt seem to like it) and then, then ... that's when it starts.
Here in Mexico, you don't have to step outside your house, the outside world is coming to your doorstep. And even though i must admit it can be very convenient, it is also pretty damn loud. Every single truck selling you shit is honking and shouting in a megaphone and putting loud music on speakers, and since they all pass in every single street, you hear them for about 20 minutes, not just when they pass in front of your house. And that's what a day off sounds like here:
8:15am - water
8:30am - gaz
8:55am - water
9:45am - vegetables
10:10am - water
11:20am - shrimps
12:10am - water
12:25 - water
12:28 - water (no seriously, there's a truck that JUST passed)
1:15pm - water
2:00pm - pineapples
2:10pm - aluminium (they buy all your aluminium and and any metal you have for sale)
3:20pm - water (coming back from lunch)
4:15pm - water
5:05pm - gaz again (in case the tank you bought in the morning is already empty, you know, nowadays, with leaks and shit you never know)
6pm - water
7:20pm - water (moment i left for my dog's walk)
8:40pm - water (the second i stepped back in my street)
8:45pm - tamales
9pm - bread (hold on, brb, gotta get this cuernito one for tomorrow's breakfast)
9:15pm - water (god you GOT to admire their faith)

Then i left home for a while so not to sure that was the last truck to pass. And THAT agenda is obviously without taking into consideration, the telenovelas and stupid day time games on TV that all 3 houses around mine are following full volume, neighbor's washing machine, blenders, screaming kids (bloody neighbor's kid, screamed his lungs out for 40 minutes - FORTY MINUTES :o how can you still breathe after that?), lady Gaga just discovered by the 2 kids next door, the fan on all day and the cars passing in the street all day.

But let's put things straight ... how THIRSTY do they think we are? I mean, i know it's hot and everything and that we are all supposed to be drinking loads but come on, they sell 19 liters bottles. NINETEEN LITERS. I personally drink it in a week or so. Even if there are 4 people living in the house, i mean you're not gonna buy more than one garafon a day. They pass in average 13 times in a DAY. THIRTEEN times :o
They must think thirSteen's a charm!

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  1. Did you hear the Chucky Cheese truck go by a couple of nights ago??? It was like a thousand times louder than any passing vendor I have ever heard. Maya went nuts!!! It´s sure a great way to ruin a sleeping in kinda day that´s for fucking sure. :)