Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Really ?? No, seriously, REALLY ?

A slice of what i get to hear at work ... I'm not even going to COMMENT on these ...

- can i get the online discount if i book over the phone?
- can i take my baby in the baby back-pack on the zip line tour?
- for the swim with the dolphin, is it salt water or clear water?
- can i take a wheel chair to your beach?
- do the tree grow white like this?
- is the cruise ship producing its own electricity?
- i have a ticket that says "tour departs at 1pm", at what time are we going to leave?
- excuse me what's the name of this town?
- can i dive on my period?
- can i drink the water? and the ice?
- is your tour safe?
- i'm coming in a month, is it going to rain?
- "good morning this is Mathilde, can i help you?" ... mmm, habla ingles?
- do i need to bring a swim suit if i'm doing the swim with the dolphins?
- if i buy an observer ticket, will i be able to see them?
- what do you mean you can't assure me we're going to see dolphins or turtles in the ocean?
- if i go on a snorkeling trip, will i see fishes?
- when you say it will take me a few minutes to walk the path, does it mean it'll take me 2 minutes or 3 minutes?
- the tide is high because there's a cruise ship in port today
- how come that there are so many american cars here, i thought this was Mexico
- do you have lockers? do they lock?
- does your sail boat have sails?
- what do you mean i can't rappel with flip flops?
- are the Marietas islands accessible by road, i get sea-sick
- 8am: i don't understand i sent you an email yesterday (FYI: at 11pm) and i havent received any answer yet.
- what do you mean a blind person cannot do your zip line tour, this is discrimination.
- maximum age is 8 years old but can my 10 years old join this program?
- do i need to be able to swim to go scuba diving?
- my ship arrives at 10am but it says the tour departs at 9am, can i still join?
- tour is not available on your requested date of June 10th. I have the 11th and the 12th available only - ok then book me on the 9th.
- here is your picture sir - oh thanks but hold on, how do i know it's me?
- how much is that? it's 20 pesos sir - oh they don't use US dollars here?

Masterpieces ... Priceless masterpieces ...

PS: keep posted, i will more likely add some more ...


  1. jajaja esta buenisimo:
    - here is your picture sir - oh thanks but hold on, how do i know it's me?
    jajaja ¿de verdad te lo preguntaron?

    Increible, jeje:
    -are the Marietas islands accessible by road, i get sea-sick

    Me gusta tu blog, Que tengas uns buena semana. Nos vemos.

  2. Oh lord I would be so annoyed haha. But some of them are very funny!

    Shawna's Study Abroad