Saturday, June 13, 2009

Near Death Experience

I'm in complete utter shock ... Been sitting still for about 30 minutes in a state of complete shock, not too sure what to do next. A few minutes ago, my dog almost died ... and the worst part of it all is that i almost killed her myself. I was walking her, like i do every day and i didnt notice that she got strangled in her leash/chain. Since she wasnt moving forward, i pulled and i almost hung her. She started convulsing, then lost consciousness for a few seconds and crashed on the floor. I have no idea where or how did i find the clarity of mind to do the right thing at the exact right second but i did and she came back to her lively happy self and kept on walking next to me, like if it was the most natural thing in the world to almost die every now and then. How is she now? Playing with her toys at my feet, looking at me in sheer adoration and making me feeling a million time worse.

Just checked the news and i found nothing, NOTHING about it ... Yeah for me it's the most important and the most distressing news there is, the only one worth hearing of ... Guess the life and death of people and living beings that really truly matter to you don't weight enough to make headline news.


  1. Wow!!! Ya quiero verla otra vez... Soy Milo, jajaja y luego me enseñas como dejarte un comntario con mi nombre...

  2. como!!! pobre no me habias contado, ke bueno que esta todo bien besos a las dos "perras" jaja lov yaa.. mau