Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wet Tee-Shirt Contest

I walk my dog every day - and for that, i used one of the hundred tank-top i have. Today was no exception. What i tend to forget though, is that rainy season just started and that i would most probably come back soaking wet. Well i thought about it half-heartedly and got a towel ready for the way back just in case ... So i can vigorously dry my dog upon arrival, do a little wrestling with her since she thinks the towel is a WWF champion and not make a mess in my already messy house... So yeah, i thought about that detail ;-)

My dog gets a lot of attention generally. She's a pitbull and a lot of people here seem to think it's an awesome breed and they all want to pet her. Well tonight i got more attention than she did and i really didnt understand why until one block away from my house, when i looked down ... Damn it damn it DAMN IT ... Yes i use a tank top to walk my dog, but why, WHY did i have to use a white one TODAY when it's meant to pour any second. And we DID get poured on!

I always said i would never lower myself to participate in a wet tee-shirt contest well oops, i think i just did! My only comfort? It was a nice bra i ended up showing off, not my boobs - and since i was the only one competing in this one, hope i've won the bottle of tequila! Salud!


  1. got pics?!?!?! LOL!!!

  2. y tu soñada!!! Jaja ja ...Milo