Friday, August 28, 2009

Back To School

I had been waiting for that for an entire month ... the day when the kids will finally go back to school. I already hear you say, why would you care, you don't have children. Well, believe me, whether i wanted to have some or not, since I've been living in Mexico, i do. Not that any of them is actually depending on me but indirectly, i have about 10, ages ranging between 3 and 10 years old. How come? Well it is very simple. It is summer time, it is insanely hot, i live in a mushroom neighborhood where there are 8000 houses one against each other, perfect houses for a couple (as long as you have AC!) but that most people here use to live with parents, children, grand children and grand-parents (and a cat and a dog and a rooster and who knows what other pet!). Since we already set the record straight that 8 people do not live very comfortably in 70 square meters, where do children spend their days? Outside. Outside where? Outside on the street. And since i live in a dead end - and even though i am towards the end of the dead-end - kids play, and scream, and run, and race, and laugh, and scream some more in front of my house ... until passed midnight ... every day of the week.

And that positively drives me nutter.

But it was meant to happen eventually ... schools reopening ... August 24th. I wanted to post about it on the 23rd but as you already know, had issues with my Internet and that completely eclipsed my happiness about the long-awaited return to school.

It is now 9:30pm ... homework is done, diner is eaten, kids are showered and in bed. In bed = they are not in the street screaming. And that for me, is priceless. Of course the neighbor who's half death still listen to her TV full volume but outside on the street, it is nice, quiet and empty. And when I'll go to bed at 10pm like a 12 years old kid who has to wake up early to go to school tomorrow , there' ll be no sound coming through my open window ... I love it already.

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  1. Hola, sí el 24 de agosto regresé a la Universidad. De nuevo las presiones...


    P.S. Estoy tratando de aprender francés, ojalá un día me puedas asesorar :) au revoir