Monday, August 31, 2009

Ô rage ! Ô désespoir ...

Ô vieillesse ennemie !
N'ai-je donc tant vécu que pour cette infamie ?
Et ne suis-je blanchi dans les travaux guerriers
Que pour voir en un jour flétrir tant de lauriers ?

This morning, i looked at myself in the mirror and i was in utter shock. What was that on my temple? This is not happening. Not to me. Not now. For crying out loud i'm not even 32 yet! This can't be true. I must be dreaming. Yes this is it, it is a dream and i am going to wake up in a second. I am gonna pinch myself and wake up. Aouch. Damn it. It is not a dream. This is really happening then? This dreadful tragedy is really happening. To me. TO ME.


It really does happen to the best of us.

*** UPDATE ***
I am not gonna let myself enter severe depression for that. Hop! Tweezers and manos a la obra. I have one. I mean, i HAD one. It's gone now. Flushed in the toilets. Cachez ce cheveu blanc que je ne saurai voir. In fact, i wasn't gonna just hide it. I needed it to disappear. To be exterminated. See you! Bye! Adios! Don't come back! Don't bother to stay in touch. I am not letting this getting an obsession either. This is NOT an obsession. I am just daily checking my eradication worked fine!

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