Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Popular ?

I am nice to people ... generally ... I mean i am nice to people i work with, with my neighbors, people i meet when i walk my dog, people in the superstore or the little tiny shop at the corner of the block i live in, people i interact with on a daily basis ... etc, etc. That is who i am. I also think it is just plain politeness and since a smile doesnt cost a thing and feels good, i do that too!

Well i dont know what that is i do, apart from smiling a lot, that makes those same people THINK that we can be friends, that they can tell me their life when i go buy my bread, that they can judge my dog just by her breed, that they can dispose of my time, especially on my day off, just because we're wearing the same uniform, that they can come to my house unannounced or that we can hang out together on my free time?

Dont take it personally you all, but no, we can't ... I know i am overly popular and cool and people are queuying to hang out with me **laughs ** but people i do hang out with on my free time are not people from work (one exception there and she knows who she is), not people i meet randomly on the streets nor people who shop at the same store i go to. And yes, i am going to sound upmostly selfish and egocentric (and i really, really dont care), but i have given a lot to others throughout my life ... now it's ... my turn ;)

Now let's sing ...
I'm head of the class, I'm popular! I'm a quarter back, I'm popular! My mom says I'm a catch, I'm popular! I'm never last picked, I'm a cheerleader chick! I'm the party star, I'm popular! I've got my own car, I'm popular! I'll never get caught, I'm popular! I'm a teachers pet, I make football bets!

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