Friday, December 18, 2009

Culinary Orgasm

As some may know already, i dont like Christmas. I used to enjoy it, not anymore. This year is no exception. So after thinking quite a fair bit about what i'll be doing on Christmas' eve, i've decided to spend it with my friend Tim, especially since he doesnt like Christmas either but also because his close family is on the other side of the country (compared to mine on the other side of the world).

Obviously, being my friend, i have a little something to wrap for him to give him for Christmas. Not that (as he said) we have to wait til it's Christmas to actually give gifts away but that's a good occasion anyway.

So i was a bit surprised when he said a few days ago: i got a little something for you and i'm gonna give it to you now. I'd like to say i convinced him not to, that we'd wait until Christmas but i'm not patient and he said he wouldnt be good anymore if we wait until the 25th.

Not good anymore? Mmm, i got curious. And when he headed to the fridge to get my present, i was even more puzzled.

What he put out of the fridge was the BEST PRESENT EVER: it was a selection of mini french pastries: éclairs au chocolat, tarte au citron, tarte aux fraises, tarte au kiwi, chou à la crème, you name it. It was so unexpected, so considerated, such a personal taylor made "present" i had an orgasm on the spot.

And when 2 days later, i had a full size lemon pie just for myself to enjoy, there went the second round ... So if you allow me, i'll go finish eating it right now ...

Something THIS good should be ILLEGAL ... Or at the very least, PUNISHED BY LAW ...

Indigestion, here i come!!


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