Sunday, December 06, 2009

X-mas From Hell

There are a lot of people who dont like christmas and i became one of them. My grand-father dying on christmas eve, my family living 10 thousand kilometers away from here, me being single and without kids surely helped pushing me in that direction. Christmas is a family reunion and mine is on the other side of the world. Christmas is also a religious gathering and i'm not religious. So needless to say that december is NOT my favorite month ...
The only think i do like about december is the christmas bonus i get from work ... haha.

I know it's not christmas yet. Still have just under 3 weeks to go. 19 days to be exact. 19 days full of christmas carols, christmas shopping, christmas decorations, christmas menus, christmas trees, christmas colors, christmas reindeer horns for the car, christmas fireworks, christmas candies, christmas sales, christmas parties and i already have a christmas indigestion.

Tonight is our christmas party. I said "our" cause i work for this company. I personally didnt organize it nor would want to have anything to do with it either. We received the invitation a few weeks ago. I can invite one guest. Mmm. There is only one person i'd invite to such a party it's my friend Ivonne and she's in Mexico City at her best friend's weddings for the week-end. So i would end up going alone. Going alone to a party i didnt want to go to in the first place, a party i have no idea who i'd sat with, a party where everybody around would talk about work, a party where we'd only have beer to drink (and not enough servings per person), a party where they serve the same menu year after year, a party held outside when i'm still not through a pneumonia, a party with people i dont want to be around, a party that's gonna finish at midnight, a party on a sunday to make sure that there is nowhere else to go in the aftermath, a party held just to shut people up (when we're not even legally paid double on bank holidays), a party to celebrate the company's 15th anniversary (treating employees like numbers), a party i'll have to smile through pretending i'm having a good time when i'm bored as hell ... well, with all due respect ... NO THANKS ... i'll pass.

The question WHY am i staying there if i'm THAT unhappy with it all could be material enough for another post and surely not our present topic.

So no, no coorporate christmas party for me tonight. And yes, i already know i'll get shit for it and no, i don't really care. You want to give me shit? Please do. Come on, bring it on! Show me what you got.


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