Thursday, December 31, 2009

Of Course I Was Going To Write Something On December 31st

This is gonna be the last post of the year ... Obviously ... jaja. I am not gonna wish anybody a happy new year cuz personally, i don't like doing so. I think it's fake, i think the partying involved for NYD is fake, makes me feel old, depresses me as well, everything is packed, overcrowded, over-loud, obnoxious. Hate it. And let's be honest. How tomorrow will be different from today? Apart from the fact that i won't be working, it's gonna be a normal Friday for me. A normal day in the week.

New Year always come with a bunch of good resolutions that you i give up after a week or so. This year is no exception for me. I have made a list of good resolutions for 2010. Except that there is only ONE on the list this year: i want to be happy. I want to take better care of myself, stop making other people happy and working on MY happiness, maybe being a little selfish for a change.

I read a sentence this morning over breakfast that sums it all up:
"Most people have a harder time letting themselves loved than finding someone to love them".
Maybe it's time that i open my heart a bit, maybe it's time that i let go of my discretion and hop on the "seize the day" train, time that i stop looking for the perfect everything when perfection is not part of this world, time to stop making excuses for not being enjoying life fully. As another person said: "it's not because things are difficult that we dont dare, it's because we dont dare that they are difficult"

Well there you have it, my one and only good resolution for this year to come. This year will be my year, my new begining.

2010 ... HERE I COME!

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