Friday, December 25, 2009


I said it in some previous post, my mom always told me NOT to write or lash out "a capella" or at the highest of the heat. Yet, here i am, Xmas morning, 8:30am, still hasnt slept one bit, not even remotedly close to ... 26 hours up and counting. Everybody else around is dying in a forgetting sleep, i'm not. I'm not drunk. I'm just high. Big time. Had no idea typing could be THAT hard and more particularly THAT SLOW. Ok, i knew about it. It just hadnt happened to me in so long i didnt even remember typing with only one finger and still struggle about it.
Being drunk can have some fun part, been there done that -  a million times. Being high is a whole different story. I'm chewing the crap out of my teeth, like i'm planning on going through at least a couple of pairs of set of teeth in a day, i cant walk, i'm mumbling, i'm thirsty as fuck, like i have cardboard in my mouth, my cheeks are dancing the congo (last time it was my hair) and i have hallucinations ...

I had quite a few awesome gifts this xmas. Happy pills were one of them. This is the best xmas EVER.

Thanks Tim!


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