Saturday, December 05, 2009


I am not a HUGE football fan (i'm talking soccer here) but there is something i generally don't miss watching, it's the world cup. It's once every 4 years so it's not too addictive!
The advantage of working in a big company is that we have so many different nationalities that you find people to support each one of the 32 teams involved.

My craziness about soccer came in 1998. France was host country for the Mondial, i was then working as a waitress in a bar on the beach, with 5 TV screens tuned on 5 different channels just to make sure every single game could be watched. I am not too sure how many games are played in a Soccer World Cup but i can tell you, in 1998, i saw them all. 
And France won ... 3-0 against Brazil. What were the odds? I could write an entire post on it but it's not really the topic here !!

2002, Korea ... needless to remind me how shameful France did. I just got to Mexico and i feverishly denied having anything to do with those people who, who knows how, managed not to score ONE SINGLE goal. Only 4 years after wining the cup. Anywaysssssss ...

2006, Germany ... i was 4 years in Mexico and i honestly have NO IDEA how France did, have no interest in knowing either. I was supporting Mexico with all my heart (having a Mexican boyfriend at that time surely influenced me but i was so ashamed and disappointed by my national team that it wasnt too hard to convince me!!)

So now. Here we go. 2010, South Africa.

And France, ONCE AGAIN, is creating yet another controversy: did they or didnt they cheat to get qualified? Was is a hand, was it not? I dont really know, i didnt watch the game. But all my crazy soccer fan friends had something to say about it, on their facebook, on their messenger, even the best newspapers in France talked about it: some victories taste like defeats.

ONCE AGAIN, it was a selection without glory, a selection that was pending until the very last game (in which they cheated scoring with a hand) ... way to go.

Being in Mexico for almost 8 years now, it's always been a fact that i would support the Mexican team. At least i know who's playing in it! jaja. I dont know, i guess you tend to support the team of the country you feel at home with. And honestly, i'm not too sure i'm willing on taking all the teasing about France not qualifying the fair way.

So today, i was browsing the net, checking the news, and i realized that the groups were made for the Mondial. I found it through an article that was entitled: FRANCE WELL OFF.

Oh french people and their arrogance. I hated it already. So i clicked on the link, to check who France had "inherited" in its group to get rewarded with such a title. I almost fell off my chair:
France is in group A with host country South Africa, Uruguay and .... Mexico O_o
So there will be a match France vs Mexico. What am i supposed to do? Who am i supposed to stand for?

I am still holding a french passport ... and for convenience, it will most probably stays that way ... But my heart is Mexican ... all the way.

Yo le voy a Mexico ... a huevo ... Que Viva Mexico Cabrones!!



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