Monday, July 26, 2010

Happiness Kills Inspiration

I'm not sure if i ever wrote that before here in this blog but i'm positive i've said it before: happiness doesnt do any good to my inspiration. When i'm pissed off, when i'm in pain, when i'm depressed, when i'm in awe in front of people's stupidity or ignorance, oh man, i get super productive. Check the months of May and June ... I mean i wrote 39 posts in 2 months! When my normal average is 8-10 a MONTH. And now that i am a happy camper, well, i have zero inspiration. Cuz i think writing stuff related to oh my god i'm so happy and thrilled and shit is boring. To me at least.
I've been writing a diary for maybe 16 years, from the age of 10 up until i was 26. And i only wrote when i was feeling down, sad or blue. So there's always been those long periods of time with not a single line written. I did try to write but the only think i wascoming out with was: i am happy.


And then what do you write after that?
Ramble on for pages about what makes you happy?
I generally only need ONE line.

I'm better at spreading my venom on these pages, just like i spread butter on my toast in the morning, than putting little flower shit around every single ones of my sentences.

So yeah. I'm happy.
So i might not write as much for the coming days.
Or weeks.
I'm saying it for you not to worry. I'm not blue. I'm not depressed. I'm not slicing my veins open. I'm just happy. And no, i dont want to write about it. I'm keeping it all for myself. Cuz i'm like that.

And you know what's great about me being happy? I cook again =)


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