Saturday, July 03, 2010

I Might Shoot The Neighbor's Dog

Don't call PeTA just yet, it is just a thought. A thought that has been haunting me for quite a while already but still a thought anyway. Why, me, the animal lover and dog owner get to the point to write such an extreme title? Because the damn animal just doesnt shut up.

OK for simplifying purposes, i'm gonna say that mentioned-dog is a "he". There is no way a female would be barking her head off that much anyway so i'm pretty confident it's a he =D
To start with, he's a schnauzer. Or a schnauzer looking kinda dog. I mean i have nothing against the breed, especially since that poor thing surely didnt had the option to chose his breed at first but i mean, in my experience, schnauzers are pains in the butt. They're those arrogant i-bark-my-head off kinda dog. I'm wondering if they're french ... Surely act like ones ...
(OK just investigated through and they're of german origins (no kidding, with a name like that) and they're just full of praise for them, that they're this and that and awesome dogs and i'm telling you this is bullshit, they're loud and obnoxious).
Well maybe i HAVE something against that breed. Oh dear.

OK back to our topic.
This dog, as i was saying earlier, just doesnt shut up. He's barking his head off from the very first hours of the morning up until very late at night. How can he still have a "voice" left after such an intense recital every day eludes me but hey, what do i know about dogs vocal chords? So yeah, he starts the barking pretty much when i wake up or when i go out to walk my own quiet dog. And doesnt stop until way after i am lying in bed. And since my bedroom's window faces the neighbor's wall, i basically have front seat for the show ... And it bothers me. It bothers the crap out of me. Listening to a barking dog bothers me immensely, no matter if it's my own dog or someone else's. It's noise pollution and it is said to be bad for us human beings. Well, don't know about the rest of human kind but it's bad for me at least. Mexican people are used to live loudly and in loud environments. So i guess it doesnt bother them that much.
But i mean, come on, how ANNOYING is a barking dog? How stressful and irritating and annoying is a barking dog? When Niki starts to bark, i shut her up almost right away. Especially if it's in the middle of the night and she actually wakes me up. I am not gonna stay awake just because missy has found a lizard she's not happy to share her vital space with. 
Anyway. Back to my neighbor's dog. Barking, barking and more barking. I was telling that to my friend who heartlessly told me: poison him. And i was like, what? me? poisoning the dog? nooo i know i could never do such thing. Moreover, i was more thinking about SHOOTING him better. Something at least as violent as the annoyment i feel when i hear him. jaja.
But to be honest, i know this is something i could never ever do...

I could pay someone to do it though (evil smile)


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